Together with the fattening farmer and his advisors, vets, foodexperts and breeding stations, will be decided which type of piglet will be best in his stable. After delivery of the piglets, companies will be both guided national and international by our professional employees until the slaughtering hook, so we can get an optimal return for our quality pig.

Janssen Livestock delivers pigs made to measure. We select pigs based on weight, meatiness, gender, or other specific quality demands. Usually this selection takes place when the piglets are chosen and delivered at the fattening farm or at the well equipped export centres.

Strong points are professional and qualified advising about the pigs market and sales channels and a fast feedback of slaughtering data. We can also analyse these slaughtering data for you, so we can pursue to obtain maximum profit of your fattening pig. With each type of fattening pig there will be searched for a fitting sales channel all over Europe, so your fattening pigs will be optimally appreciated.

Punctual invoicing and financial run are self evident.